Monday, September 20, 2010


Deirdre and I were up late (that's 10 P.M. in our house) the other night watching Dr. Oz (and yes I feel a little on the less then masculine side with the beginning of this post-) and he was discussing adult ADHD. He had some expert on the topic talking about ways to tell if you have it. I scored a 17 out of 20 on the test and that was being lenient with a few topics because I have gotten better with them over the past few years. The description was pretty accurate when they were explaining what your brain does with ADHD. He said it moves faster than you can organize the information. I notice it most when I am talking. It is the reason why I always have so many rabbit trails. My wife notices it all the time. It is the constant distractions during a conversation or the half done chores around the house. I know that it influences my work because I have a lot of half done projects there also. I will get half-way done with something and notice a mess somewhere else and I have to go clean-up the mess.

I have never been someone who believes in letting impulses control you. No such thing as can or can't in my world - only will and won't. I believe that you can do whatever you stick your head too you just have to work hard in order to do it. Do it with conviction - do it with the passion of someone who believes in the direction of their life.

The issue- I think- is figuring out how to focus. It made me laugh when they suggested make a list. On the top of my list is - look at the list. I make list all the time. Most of them are half done list cause I get distracted half-way through and forget what I was going to put on there. Then I stick it in my pocket or it is on my phone and I never see them again. I do try though. It's not as if I haven't realized I have a few issues here. I think the sad thing is I just kind of accept them. I have this uncanny ability to look right over look certain things that would drive most people crazy. That's why I always thought I made a good room mate. I realize that just makes me the unorganized messy room mate. My poor wife. I do bring excitement though. Never a dull moment. I come home with something new everyday. Yesterday we should sell insurance, today we should be real estate tycoons, tomorrow we should run a internet business. Imagine hearing that from your spouse everyday. Deirdre has been blessed with patience and a profound understanding.

ADHD is not an excuse.

I am responsible for my life. If I do I have an issue with ADHD it is just another thing that needs to be overcome.

We can't live our lives making excuses. Losers make excuses. I don't want to be a loser. I understand issues and needing to reboot, reorganize, or regroup, but never quit. I have made plenty of excuses in my life. I just don't want to make any more.