Friday, February 26, 2010

The Shack

I finally finished reading "The Shack" this morning. I know that this book was just a story written by a guy riding a subway train to work, but I have experienced my own personal retreat with God. There were so many ideas and images that were presented in the story that tugged on every belief and emotion that I have felt towards God. To put the father in a picture that demolishes our perceptions and western thought on God in a way that doesn't cause me to curse a man for blasphemy was amazing. Then to push deeper int o the thought and idea that maybe God wants a relationship that is deeper and more profound than a rule or the walls of a church captured the essence of my being and escalated my fervor to find God and to be found by God. My friend Dan wrote about a spiritual battle and the awkwardness of how it can sound if you have never considered those types of things and for me this book touches on some of the deeper ideas of the spiritual nature of God.

It's hard to get it all out on paper smoothly and with a solid line of thought so I may not even try. I believe that everything we do is an act of worship to God. What healed in me during the reading of the Shack, I can not pinpoint, but there was a peace that fell on my soul and calmed the turmoil that has been eve present all my life. It was not that the Shack is a book of biblical stature, but it helped the loose connections of the ideas I have had of God and connect them in a way that only a child like story could do. I believe that I have found God again and that possibly God has found me again.

OOh and also, I have fallen deeper in love with the most beautiful woman I know. I love you my wife. Please know that as I grow closer to God I am able to grow closer to you. It is through Him that I can even love you at all.

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