Monday, February 8, 2010

Where The Wild Things Are

I can not be held captive. I was created to run free- to gallop with horses and chariots - to be a wild creation divinely built by my creator. The rules that have been created by men do not apply to me - though I will willingly and lovingly submit for the good of those around me, I am not held bound by these rules. I do Not have to say the politically correct thing, I do not have to manage the emotions of those around me, I do not have to make everyone feel good for the sake of their loyalty to me. I serve one master and one Master only. To him I am bound held by the heart of the One who has created me. It is He who has captivated my loyalty and to Him I will for ever have my knee bent. I do not serve a man and I never want to. I will serve people and do this under the tutelage of The King, but that is a different thought all together. I am rebellious, but not against what is right. I am rebellious against the message of this culture of the culture that says I am meant to be slave to people and to things. I am rebellious against the "do what feels good" culture that is in the heart of every advertisement and commercial, because I know the end result is always death and emotional pain. No I was not meant to be tethered and held bound to these rules that have been set before me. I was meant to live free and to run with wild horses and chariots.

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